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Restoring Rivers: California Environmental Water Network hosts tech showcase with ERC

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

On May 10th, Echo River Capital joined with the California Environmental Water Network (CEWN) to showcase five emerging and innovative technology companies, three of which are in Echo River’s portfolio: Gybe, Verdi Ag and Hohonu. The purpose of the webinar was to introduce these companies to practitioners who work daily to restore rivers, streams and wetlands that support aquatic life, and directly contribute to the positive impact. So it seemed natural to highlight technology tools that could accelerate the important work of the leaders in the NGOs and public agencies, and to drive faster adoption into the marketplace.

“CEWN is a diverse community of environmental water practitioners working to restore the freshwater ecosystems upon which people and nature rely throughout California. We have come together to share our collective skills and learn from one another’s lived experience. Our goal is to share knowledge that will advance streamflow enhancement projects and strengthen our collective skills while removing the barriers that limit our ability to do this work in the communities that would most benefit from it, and on the landscapes where it can make the greatest impact.” CEWN is a collaborative project of The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited and California Trout.

This webinar, which you can view here on this recording, leverages ERC experience with the reach of the hundreds of members of the California Environmental Water Network, and is one of the advantages and value-add opportunities that Echo River delivers to founders we work with every day. We strive for impact and develop quantitative metrics to determine the contributions our portfolio companies like Gybe, Verdi and Hohonu are contributing to environmental restoration and climate resilience.

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