Our Portfolio Companies

Echo River Capital invests globally in early stage water technology companies to Digitize, Decarbonize and Decentralize the water cycle — the “Three D's of water tech.” Our vision for the future is living in freshwater harmony with nature, made easier through technology.

Aclarity Portfolio Image.png

Our Mission:
Destroy PFAS Forever

Aclarity quickly and safely destroys dangerous contaminants in water at the industrial scale.

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Water Solutions for
The Modern World

Epic Cleantec is leading the way in sustainable onsite water reuse solutions for the built environment.

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A 100% Renewable Water Infrastructure

Uravu is bridging the water gap in  renewables by bringing a 21st century revolution of 100% Renewable Water. Anywhere.  24/7.

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Improving the Lives of 1 Billion People

Using AI to help global water utilities  lower their water loss by planning better, finding weak and leaky pipes, and preventing catastrophic failures.

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Optimize Your Water and Energy

AgMonitor provides a farming decision-support tool that leverages machine learning to solve practical problems in agriculture.

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The Future of Filtration

At Glanris our mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, and (most importantly) effective filtration media.


Varuna Portfolio Image.png

Build a Resilient
Water System

Real-time data, actionable insights, and historical trends about your water system available any time, anywhere.

Waterplan Portfiolio Co Images.png

Accelerating to a Water-secure World

The world’s leading climate platform to measure, respond, report and monitor your increasingly changing water risk.

CityTaps Portfolio Image.png

Running Water

In Every House

CityTaps provides safe, convenient, reliable and affordable water access to low-income homes.

Gybe Portfolio Image.png

Water is Life

Gybe products automate processing of a broad range of data from multiple sensors and satellites to derive key measures of watershed health.

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Irrigation Automation As It Should Be

Verdi reduces the cost of irrigation automation by up to 80% and enables growers to scale irrigation to the precision their crops need.


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