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Echo River November Update

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In this issue:

  • New Blog Post: Plastics now found in rain and snow

  • New Investments

  • Portfolio News

  • Industry News

Getting images, Antarctica ice.


New Blog Post: Plastics now found in rain and snow

Pure water. Sounds good, right? Take a moment and think about where the purest water might be found. A mountain stream? A melting snowfield or glacier? Rainwater?

If you said any of these, I have news for you. They will all be polluted by something we haven’t seen in rain and snow before: plastic. (Science) It turns out that the ocean plastics are breaking down into nano-plastic particles that are carried into the atmosphere with evaporation. (World Economic Forum) For the first time, plastic was discovered in fresh snowfall in Antarctica. An average of 29 plastic particles per liter was found in every one of 19 samples of fresh snowfall. (Guardian) Click button to read more.

New Investments

  • Two new investments have been funded this month! Stay tuned for announcements on these exciting companies.


ERC Portfolio News


Portfolio Companies Currently Fundraising (ask Peter for an Intro)


Industry News


Investor Presentation: If you are an Accredited Investor looking to advance water sustainability and climate adaptation, consider investing in Fund I, which remains open to new investors. Five portfolio companies already have markups. Please see the Echo River investor presentation here. Contact Peter to learn more.


Please send any questions or comments to and (415) 203-0432. Here's to a future of water abundance.

– Peter


About Echo River Capital Echo River Capital is a seed fund advancing water technology for global impact based in San Francisco. Echo River invests in emerging technologies to digitize, decarbonize and decentralize the water cycle to improve human health, the environment and climate resilience. Peter Yolles, General Partner, is the former co-founder and CEO of, which was acquired in 2020. Peter adds strategic value with 30 years of operating experience in the water industry along with a Yale MBA in finance and a Master's in water science, policy and management.


Peter Yolles

General Partner


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