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Echo River August 2023 Update

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

In this issue:

  • New Blog: Groundwater: What happens when it runs out?

  • Echo River Capital Portfolio News

  • Water as Fashion

  • Indigenous Wisdom: Podcast Recommendation


New Blog: Groundwater: What happens when it runs out?

During a recent drive through the Central Valley of California, I saw electric motors on the corners of irrigation blocks pumping water to all manner of crops in a state that provides 90% of the nation’s vegetables and nuts, as well as rice, cotton and alfalfa. It was a reminder that most water used for irrigation comes from our hidden treasure, groundwater.

In August, the New York Times released “Uncharted Waters,” an investigative series of four reports that found some striking trends. The articles highlight the shocking dangers that lay ahead for America due to its over-reliance and unsustainable mining of the nation’s groundwater - a natural heritage that can’t be replaced. [ MORE ]


ERC Portfolio Updates

Hohonu has launched TideCast, which is in Beta in the iOS app store and available through Apple’s “Test Pilot” program. To try it out, download the beta iOS app HERE. TideCast Android will follow soon. You can view Hohono’s product video here.

Uravu Labs is testing out its Water-as-a-Service business model with its atmospheric water generation capability. Uravu was awarded the “hydration partnership” for a sustainability conference delivering hundreds of reusable glass bottles. Uravu also launched its “From Air” brand of water available in India.

Portfolio Companies in the News

These portfolio companies are raising their next round. Ask Peter for an introduction or hit the “introduce me” button on the ERC portfolio page.


Water is life. Water can also be fashion.

Water has long been part of fashion from pearls to crystals. Kim Kardashian’s famous 2019 Met Gala look was inspired by the idea of dripping water after emerging from the ocean. The Thierry Mugler gown she wore on the red carpet was accessorized by Olina Bak of Drool Jewel’ water-themed jewelry. Most items were sold out but if you’re looking for something special for someone you love, or for someone who loves water, the next drop of inventory is hitting their site on September 17th.


Indigenous Wisdom

For this month’s segment on Indigenous Wisdom, I recommend this excellent podcast hosted by Greg Sarris, chair of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, and Obi Kauffman, prolific author and artist of the California Field Atlas and The State of Water: Understanding California’s Most Precious Resource. In this episode, Greg and Obi interview Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of Natural Resources for California. Their conversation touches on Graton’s efforts to conserve the landscape using traditional ecological knowledge, and California’s efforts to forge co-management agreements with tribes on state lands.


Please send any questions or comments to and (415) 203-0432. Here's to a future of water abundance.

– Peter

About Echo River Capital

Echo River Capital is an impact venture firm advancing water technology for global impact based in San Francisco. Echo River invests in emerging technologies to digitize, decarbonize and decentralize the water cycle to improve human health, the environment and climate resilience. Peter Yolles, General Partner, is the former co-founder and CEO of WaterSmart Software, which was acquired in 2020. Peter adds strategic value with 30 years of operating experience in the water industry along with a Yale MBA in finance and a Master's in water science, policy and management.


Peter Yolles

General Partner


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