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Learning from Indigenous Wisdom

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Hello fellow water protectors and stewards! Over the last year, I have participated as a domain expert in the Water Group of a global sustainability movement sponsored by Le Ciel Foundation. In November, I joined 100 experts and creatives from 30 countries at an in-person symposium in Barcelona to discuss how to advance a new narrative for relationships to nature. A highlight was learning wisdom traditions from indigenous elders from around world including Sapmi people of Sweden, Huichols of Mexico, and Jiboians of the Amazon. I am eager to incorporate indigenous knowledge into Echo River Capital's mission of living in harmony with water, made easier with technology.

I learned that one simple change we can all make is to begin meetings by acknowledging the traditional indigenous lands we are on, and by honoring water with gratitude. I started by reading this guide to land acknowledgement and then finding research that my home office is located on historic Coast Miwok land. In fact, our home is situated atop a deep oyster shell mound on the shores of San Francisco Bay that may stretch back over 10,000 years. I believe that Echo River Capital will be a powerful way to align two deeply held human values, meaning and connection, among our our founders, management, LPs and stakeholders. Here I am with Helene, a remarkable water steward from the Sapmi people, from whom I learned so much. (Photo permission by Helene Lindmark)

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